Hudaibia Iftikhar

PESHAWAR: We often hear that it is male dominant society and females are being suppressed in all aspects of life.

Unfortunately there are some families who restrict women in every field of life, while some do not even consider females as humans but use them just to give birth to children, cook for the entire family, wash clothes and clean up the house.  But still we cannot say that it is a male dominant society and all the females are being deprived to lead their life as they want. There are so many examples of successful women and we have read and heard a lot about them.

Here I will cite my example of how I started my studies with the consent of my parents and passed out from the university in the subject of Journalism and Mass Communication. My parents and elder brother happily permitted me to study journalism, but as soon as I completed my degree and asked them for a job, they out rightly refused to allow me joining any media organization as they thought that the environment in such organizations is not good and they could not let me work with men.

At that time I was so depressed that if they were not allowing me to do job than why they permitted me to study Journalism, they wasted my time, I thought. But with the passage of time I realized that why they were barring me from doing job. Even when we are properly dressed up and go outside home then we face harassment but we ignore it. We don’t let our brothers know about it because we know that they will confine us to home and will ask us to quit job. But at the same time, we forget that if someone harasses us in front of our brother then how they would tolerate this, we can see their restrictions very clearly, but ignore their possessiveness towards us. We forget that they want to give us protection by compromising their own comfort.

I often hear some educated and modern girls in one of the trainings arranged by an organization saying, “Why are their parents so possessive towards them? Why did they restrict them to home? Why can they not sit as they want? Why are they prohibited to go in front of their father in shorts or jeans?”

The questions are true and we cannot deny that everyone has the right to lead their lives according to their own will, but here we need to understand why we are prohibited to do all the things. Education does not only mean to do academic studies, but to educate ourselves in such a way to be mature and have the ability to understand the reasons behind prohibition.

It is often said that women are not equal to men, yes it’s true, they are not equal because women are more powerful than men not only because they do all the activities at home, but they bring up a man (her son) and educate him to be a respectable citizen of society. It is a woman who makes a man, it is a woman to gives him education, it is she who teaches him to respect women, therefore in this way we cannot compare man and woman.

Women should be independent, they have the right to get higher education and to do a job, but they should not rebel against their families, but convince them. If she wants to do a job somewhere and she considers that place good for her then she should take her brother or father to that place and convince them that such a job is good for her. We should always remember that our real guards are our parents who care for us, the rest of the people are fake and careless. Do respect your parents and listen to them.



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