Rizwan Mehsud

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, 29 October: The family of Muhammad Wasim, which is famous for wood decoration in Dera Ismail Khan, says the art is no longer profitable for the family or anyone else.

The family is expert in making attractive and eye-catching designs on rosewood and other wood, walls and carpets, but it is a matter of great concern for them that the art has fallen victim to the lack of support from the government and other quarters. Muhammad Wasim says his family is associated with the business for the last four generations. He said his grandfather Ustad Karam Ali also took part in the designing of the world famous Taj Mehal of Agra and his father was also conferred with Pride of Performance Award .

“Besides national award, our family also has 12 foreign awards. The people of our countries and foreigners greatly appreciate our work,” he told TNN.

Muhammad Wasim says the business is on the decline, while the government is not paying any heed to rescue it. “The government should provide us proper platform and facilities to enable us to show our skills and attract customers,” he said.

The family migrated to DI Khan from New Dehli in 1857. Not only the men, but females of the family are also expert in making designs on wood, walls and carpets.

Farah Ayesha, sister of Wasim, says the family is confronted with financial constraints as the business is no longer famous as it used to be.

“The situation has reached to an extent that we cannot meet our routine expenses with this business. We are extremely concerned over lack of support to this art,” she told TNN.

Farah said the family can revive its business if the government or any other sponsor to display their work. So many exhibitions are arranged in the country, but no one invites us and our condition remains the same. The government should provide us platform to display our work for national and foreign buyers,” she said.

Muhammad Wasim’s family says it doesn’t lack skills, but cooperation is direly needed to revive the art.

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