Rani Andleeb

PESHAWAR: Coronavirus has impacted the lives of people world over and it has also caused closure of private schools and impacted the education of children.

Difficulties of the teachers working in private educational institutions have also increased with the closure of private schools. If the situation doesn’t improve soon, then the financial problems of private teachers will go from bad to worse.

Shazia is a teacher at a private school where she receives a meagre salary and lives in a rented house. The government has announced extension in school vacations till May 31. Shazia said she is very perturbed over the situation. She asked how she will pay the rent of her house if she did not receive salary till May.

Shazia said her two brothers have separated from the family after their marriage and her father is already preoccupied with other expenses of the house. She said she cannot compel the school administration for payment of salary as new admissions have not started yet as everything has stopped due to coronavirus emergency.

Fatima, another teacher at a private school, said she helps her father run the expenses of the house. She said coronavirus has crippled the world economy and she fears that it will make her family suffer financially as well.

Anam, a working woman, helps her husband in managing expenses of the family. She said her husband’s salary is too low to meet expenses of the house, therefore, she had to work to meet expenses of her children.

Hafsa, a lawyer, said courts are also closed due to coronavirus and she is finding no clients, which means there is no income. She said streets are full of children who play different games during holidays. She said the government has announced vacations, but no one is stopping children from playing in streets. She said the noise of playing children has made lives of people of city areas difficult.

Aneela, another employee at a private school, said she is depressed while being sitting at home for the last many days.

Yusra, another schoolteacher, said her employment contract is different and she would receive salary until the contract is valid. She said people had to fight coronavirus and financial difficulties at the same time.