PESHAWAR, November 14: A non-governmental organisation, Pakistan Workers Federation, arranged a two-day workshop on “Rights of Labourers and Media Responsibility” in the provincial capital.

About 25 journalists from across the country participated in the event.

The trainers of the workshop said that 70% of the population in Pakistan was labourers, who get minimum wages as compared to their work. He said the media should focus on the labourers and acknowledge their rights.

They said the media should also give due coverage to the programmes introduced for the labourers every now and then.

One of the journalists, Mr Jamil Khan, told TNN that media were the best source to raise awareness amongst the labourers regarding their rights.

“I think situation will get better if the media emphasises on this issue in the newspapers, diverts the attention of senior officials towards the matter and the labourers are also informed about their rights,” he stated.


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