Construction work underway on road in Goshti area of Nangarhar. - Photo by Zeerak Zaheer

PESHAWAR, 5 July: A 9.3 kilometres road is being constructed in Goshti area of Nangarhar province of Afghanistan with the assistance of the World Bank which will greatly benefit the local population.

Work on the construction of the road from Goshti to Khwezai Killi has been kicked off. The road, which will cost 25 million Afghanis, will be completed in one year.

Syed Maroof Sadaat, the government spokesman, said the road will benefit the local population to a great extent. He said the local labourers will be employed for construction of the road.

Zaman, a resident of Khwezai village, said there was a road in the area but that was unusable. He said the construction of the new road will benefit the local population. He said construction of fences on the sides of the road will also facilitate the local people.

Umeed, a resident of Goshti area, said the construction of the road will make the access of people easier to Jalalabad city for transporting their agricultural goods. He said the traveling expanses will also reduce with the construction of the road.


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