ISLAMABAD: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan celebrated Universal Children’s Day with organising a seminar on the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse in schools.

The aim is to engage with school teachers, children and human rights activists on this important theme.

Haseeb Khawaja (Activist & Documentary Filmmaker) as Speaker said, “There should be an official independent resource person outside the school for a child and parent to talk about it complaint about possible sexual abuse because police can be paid to change story, so that is not best source for reprieve.

He further said, “Once anyone in the education system loses their job over sexual abuse, whether convicted or not, they should not be Recycled back in the school system. Moreover, sex-abuse prevention classes/ lectures/ trainings shoukd be mandated for all teachers, and should be part of mandatory ‘Intro classes’ for kids aged 6 to 18.

He added, “There is no Electronic Sex-Offender Database where these abusers are registered, so they don’t mingle back into society.

Samina Sardar (Activist) as Speaker said, “Teachers can play an important role in empowering children in their own protection which will contribute to prevention of abuse. Developing and implementing safeguarding policies at every institution where children come to learn or play must be mandatory and implementation must be monitored by the Government.”

Aliya Syed (Activist) as Speaker said, “Legislation & implementation is required to save our children. Schools can play an important role in stopping child abuse for which the teachers must be trained to impart Life Skills Training to their students. Every School/ Day Care Centre & Maddrasah must develop a policy, learn how abusers operate, notice people behaviour & train to act if they find or see anything unsafe for children.

At the end of the session, a hands-on session was held with school children that how to protect themselves.The seminar of HRCP has been moderated by Haseeb Khawaja (Activist & Documentary Filmmaker).