PESHAWAR, 1 May: Like other parts of the country, the World Labour Day was also observed in Khyber Pakthunkhwa and its adjacent tribal belt today. In this connection a number of programmes were held.

A Swat-based female labourer Kishwara, who has four kids, says that her spouse divorced her due to poverty. Now I work as a cobbler to make both the ends meet. One of her sons is suffering from thalassemia while her daughter is epileptic. Her eldest daughter Kainat had to discontinue her studies due to meager resources.

“I love to get education. I still want to resume my studies but my brothers are suffering from certain ailments. My mother works but the money she gains for her work is too less to meet the basic needs,” says Kainat.

Kishwara says that it is better to work than relying on begging. But it is very difficult to survive with such a meager amount I get from cobbling, she says, adding that government should help them. “My eldest daughter had to discontinue her studies in 9th grade. My two offspring are suffering from ailments. It is next to impossible to make both the ends meet with the profession cobbling,” she says.


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