polio day

PESHAWAR, October 24: The World Polio Day was observed around the world today.

The disease is the cause of lifelong paralysis. Around 99% of the countries have been purged of the poliovirus. However Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria have failed to eliminate the disease.

The government of Pakistan has planned a project “National Emergency Plan” for elimination of poliovirus. However, it couldn’t really cope with it and the number of cases is increasing day by day.

Around 10 cases of polio have been reported in Pakistan during past 24 hours, which has increased the number of cases to 220 this year.

About 143 cases have emerged in the tribal belt, 45 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 27 in Sindh and 7 cases in Balochistan and three in Punjab so far.

On the other hand, about 60 anti-polio campaigners have been killed in several assaults during last two years.

The World Health Organisation has made it mendatory for all Pakistanis to produce a polio vaccine certificate before going abroad.

In his statement on the World Polio Day, Prime Minister Mr Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the government had taken measures for elimination of poliovirus and that the country would be purged of the disease soon.


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