PESHAWAR, 13 February: World Radio Day is being observed today (Saturday) to create awareness among the people about importance of radio medium and encourage the radio stations to broadcast timely and objective information to the listeners.

Throughout the world there are activities, events and broadcasts to celebrate the occasion. The day is being observed under the aegis of the United Nations Education and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO). This year, the UNESCO theme for World Radio Day is “Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster”. Ms. Vibeke Jensen, UNESCO representative to Pakistan, said access to information is the right of every human being and radio is playing a very crucial role in this regard.

“Radio has the potential to reduce damages in the event of natural disasters. Pakistan is a country where many emergency and disaster situations emerge like earthquakes and floods etc. Radio being the most cheaper and easy medium of communication can inform the listeners in time to reduce possible damages,” she said.

Radio was invented by Italy’s Guglielmo Marconi in 1899. According to an estimate, currently over 200 Frequency Modulation (FM) radio stations are working in Pakistan. A number of short wave and medium wave channels are also available for the radio listeners for information, education and entertainment purposes.

Aurangzeb, a broadcaster in Peshawar, told TNN that radio in Pakistan is not playing its role in educating the masses of the country according to its real potential.

“Unfortunately, radio medium is yet to play the role of informing the people which is expected from it. Radio can be most useful for those people who don’t have access to other media of communication,” he said.