PESHAWAR: I was fond of writing and I started proper writing when there was complete lockdown during the first wave of coronavirus pandemic. I used to write a diary at home when I was noticed by my cousin, who asked me whether I would be able to write for a newspaper or website. Then she told me about TNN and said she also writes for it.

Then I came back home and started thinking about it. I decided to write a piece about coronavirus thinking that if TNN liked it then it will be okay, and if it don’t, then she will continue writing personal diary. My introduction with TNN was fascinating as I got a lot of respect and guidance.

If today I am writing at media, then it is only because of TNN. I am very happy that I am fulfilling my dream. I think a person can make good progress in the field of writing. Previously, when I was not a writer, I used to be casual about everything, but now I have developed a noose for everything and I watch and listen to everything with curiosity and interest to know whether there is something interesting to write about it.

My earlier life was bore because I wasn’t able to do anything for myself as I had to look after my children all the time. Now writing has enable me to stand on my own feet, and now I have also started earning money which I spend on myself and my children.

For those who have an inclination towards writing, they must note that a good writer must be a good reader. No writer can attain excellence in his/her field until they develop reading habits and add to their treasure of knowledge. When a writer is well informed, he/she may be in a better position to inform, educate and entertain his/her readers. Reading and writing is a fascinating habit which brings creativity, aesthetic sense and storey-telling techniques. It is such a charming practice larger than life experience which can’t be quit once adopted. I would like to urge the youth to adopt this habit and raise voice for themselves and their communities.


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