PESHAWAR: Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar has launched a project under which it will collect water samples from different points in different localities of the city and test them in laboratories.

The Unicef-funded project is being implemented with technical assistance of Institute of Urban Planning and Infrastructure of University of Engineering Technology Peshawar.

Joint teams of WSSP and UET have started collection of water samples from 1500 points of the city for chemical and biological tests.

The teams will collect 300 samples of water from household connections while 1200 samples from distribution points that will be sent to laboratory for test to check for contamination of bacteria and virus.

The project aimed at to provide potable water to the people of Peshawar. The UET will then forward recommendations to WSSP for improvement of water quality if there is any contamination.

WSSP has already replaced 163 kilometer water supply line and controlled leakage while work on remaining pipes is underway.