Youngest son of senior journalist Gul Hammad Farooqi, Farhan, who died due to doctors’ negligence in Peshawar. – A file photo

CHITRAL, 1 September: Muhammad Farhan, the 13-year-old youngest son of senior journalist Gul Hamad Farooqi, has died due to criminal negligence of doctors of government-based hospitals at Peshawar.

Farhan was student of Class-6 in Peshawar Public School, Peshawar. According to his mother, Farhan felt pain in his abdomen with vomiting and he was immediately rushed to Gove bent Naseerullah Khan Babar Memorial Hospital (City Hospital) Kohat Road Peshawar on 28 July but the doctor sent him back home with opinion that he has injury in his stomach. Farhan was again rushed to the same hospital when he again complained of pain where ultrasound was conducted on 29 July but the doctor once again ignored him and not thoroughly examined him and sent him back to home. It proved that doctors are not competent or Ultrasound is not operating properly because they did not diagnose his appendix.

Farhan became very serious and he was once again rushed to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) on 30 July in main OPD but the doctors once again ignored him by prescribing a large list of medicines. The doctors were in fact motivating the attendant to carry him to their private clinic, but the journalist had no money to afford treatment at private clinic. On the same day, Farhan’s health worsened and he was feeling severe pain with vomiting at 23:00pm and he was taken in emergency to main casualty at LRH, where he was referred to surgical ward for a few moments but senior doctors once again ignored him and not examined him thoroughly. His mother cried again and again to doctors for his early recovery but they did not respond. He was discharged at 1:00am with writing some prescriptions that he has simple injury in stomach.

Farhan was facing great pain and trouble at his home on 31 July and 1 August 2016, but doctors of LRH did not admit him nor they conduct his appendix operation because the journalist was not willing to visit their private clinic. Farhan’s parents told that doctors of LRH admit only those patients who visit their clinic.

Farhan was taken to Hayatabad Medical Complex on 2 August where doctors disclosed that he was suffering from appendix. He was admitted in Surgical A ward of HMC. His father said that he also requested Dr Siddique Ahmad Chitrali on phone, who is surgeon of the same ward, for special care of his son and immediately conducting operation of Farhan but he did not arrange for his operation and did not bother to even see the patient. After long delay, the operation of Farhan was conducted at evening. He became serious on 3 August at 3:00am but there was no vacant bed in the surgical incentive unit (SICU). His father once again requested Dr Siddique Ahmad Chitrali on phone to arrange bed in ICU because his son’s condition is very serious but no step was taken for his life. His uncle went to Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) and arranged bed in ICU where Farhan was shifted at 7:30am but he expired at 8:30am.

His parents told that senior doctors care and operate only those patients who approach their personal clinics but they ignore poor patients who cannot pay them huge amount in their private hospitals or clinics. He appealed to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak and PTI chief Imran Khan, Director Human Rights, Chief of Army staff General Raheel Sharif, President Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and other authorities for conducting judicial and departmental inquiry in death of Farhan who died due to negligence of doctors of government hospitals.

The parents appealed for lodging FIR against doctors involved in his death and cancellation of their licence. They said if no action was taken against these doctors they will came on roads as protest and will raise voice against the criminal negligence of doctors who are attending patients only at their personal clinics.