Ready-made gents’ suites put on display at a bazaar in Peshawar. – Photo by Muhammad Irshad

PESHAWAR, 5 July: Buying new clothes on the occasion of Eid is a religious festivity. That is why almost all people enthusiastically follow this tradition and buy new clothes to fully enjoy the occasion.

Tailors usually overcharge the customers during Ramazan ahead of Eid and due to extreme rush of customers they also cannot ensure quality of suits which they do during common business days. To avoid irritation from the tailors, many youth in Peshawar prefer to buy ready-made suites for Eid.

Ready-made clothes are available in different designs and prize ranges in the market. A customer said ready-made clothes are of good quality and its prices are also affordable.

“It saves us from annoyance by the tailors. The tailors often refuse to take clothes for sewing few days ahead of Eid citing extreme rush of customers. Even if they take the clothes, then they charge very high rates and could not ensure quality,” he said.

Another customer said the stitching and finishing of the ready-made clothes is very good as compared to the clothes made by the tailors.

On the other hand, some people who cannot afford to buy expensive ready-made clothes in the market, buy second-hand clothes for Eid. One such market of second-hand clothes is situated at Firdous railway crossing area where a suite is available in the range of Rs300.

People visiting the bazaar said they buy second-hand clothes for Eid as they cannot afford buying expensive new clothes.

“A common gents’ suite is available on at least Rs800 and the tailors also demand more money than the suit’s value. I have come to this bazaar to buy second-hand clothes which are of good quality. We are poor people and this bazaar of second-hand clothes is made for us,” an elderly person buying second-hand suits told TNN.