Salman Yousafzai

BUNER: Coronavirus pandemic is spreading in Pakistan quickly, but unfortunately there are still many people who have not yet taken this threat seriously due to which it is feared that the disease might spread further quickly.

A group of youth have taken this duty to create awareness among the people about the dangers posed by the virus and ways to prevent it. The youth associated with Elam Pakhto Adabi Karavan have started this awareness campaign from Kangar Killi, a village situated on the border of Mardan and Malakand districts. They have distributed pamphlets with awareness messages in the mosques, hujras (male guest houses) and homes. They are appealing to the masses to use face masks, stay away from crowded places, prefer saying Salam from a distance than handshake and keep cleanliness.

Ahmed Musa Salar, a volunteer of the group, said while talking to TNN that many people in Buner are not aware about the gravity of challenge posed by coronavirus and they have decided to inform such people about the threat level by launching a campaign.

Ihsanullah, a student of Bacha Khan University Charsadda, who is also a volunteer, told TNN that arrangements for suspected coronavirus patients in many hospitals are far from being ideal. He said people should adopt precautionary measures and play role for saving others from the disease as well. He also urged the need for special focus on women and children in the awareness campaign.

The pandemic has killed over 16,000 people worldwide and infected nearly four lakh people in 196 countries and there is no cure for this disease, so precaution is the best way to avoid it.

Anwar Ali, a Lecturer at the Khyber Medical University, told TNN that a little careless attitude can infect a whole area. He said the virus attacks the respiratory system and its initial symptoms are like normal flue. He said this virus can be transmitted very easily from one human to other, therefore, precaution and social distancing is the best way to avoid it.

Out of the total 38 confirmed coronavirus cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, two belong to Buner. One person has returned from Malaysia and the other, a woman, has returned from Karachi.

The Deputy Commissioner has ordered lockdown of entry and exit routes of Kangar Killi, Kalil, Shahida Sar and Sar Malang for 15 days due to which all markets are closed and people are confined to homes.